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American Water can handle anything well related. We can assist you in having a new residential, commercial or irrigation well drilled. If you need an EPD approved well drilled for a business, campground, subdivision, or town we can assist you thru all the permitting process in addition to getting the well drilled.  We have years of experience will all types of well projects.

In addition to drilling new wells we can perform upgrades and repairs to existing wells.  We can come out with our well camera system and take a video of the well to determine the condition of the well and provide you with a digital copy of our findings.  The well video will show us if the well casing is cracked or damaged.  Many times lighting running thru the ground will blow holes into PVC casing.  It will also helpWells American Water Specialties us determine if surface water is leaking into your well causing contamination or water quality issues.  If either of these problems are found we can correct the problem by installing a packer in the well.   A well packer is a rubber seal that is installed on the bottom of a pipe that is a smaller diameter than your well.  For the typical 6” well you would use a 4” pipe and packer.  The pipe is then used to push the packer to a point that will seal off any damaged or leaking casing.  It is important to always have a well video prior to installing a packer so you can make sure the exact spot its installed is smooth so a proper seal can be made.  Many times the rock just below the well casing will have voids or cracks that would prevent the packer from sealing.  With the camera we can determine the exact spot where the packer can make a good seal  After the packer is set some polymer and hole plug grout is installed between the well casing and the packer pipe as a 2nd layer of protection to make sure we have a good seal.

Another issue we see is corrosion of steel well casing.  This can be from age or corrosive water.  Solving this follows the same steps as fixing a damaged casing.  The pipe used to install the packer is PVC so by running packer into a solid bedrock below the steel casing you will prevent any water from coming into contact with the rusty steel casing.  In many cases this will clean the water up enough that water filtration may no longer be need or can reduce the amount of filtration needed.  It will also extend the life of your well by not allowing the casing to completely rust thru which could cause a cave in.

Other issues we see with wells that we can help you correct are well casings cut off too low to the ground,Wells American Water Specialties not properly seal, and not having a concrete slab around the well.  State law requires wells to have a concrete slab 2 feet in all directions from the well casing.  It also requires casing of private wells to be a minimum of 8” above the concrete pad and 12” for public wells.  In flood prone areas it must be 2 feet above the highest known flood.  A good sanitary well cap or seal is also required to prevent animals or insects from falling into the well.  American Water can fix any of these issues for you.

For homes unconnected to a public water main, the well is the most important component of a plumbing system. It provides the water that makes everything else work. These pumps operate for years and decades, forcing water upward from underground and into your home. In addition to providing strong water flow, well pumps also have to filter out particulates and biological contaminants. They make your water available and drinkable at your convenience. Each of these processes is vulnerable to specific problems, and any one of them breaking could turn your drinking or washing water into a biohazard.

Wells American Water SpecialtiesWe use Amtrol Well-X-Trol brand pumps because we rest assured that our home owners are getting the best product quality, best reliability with a 7 year warranty, and best performance their pumps.  Now Well-X-Trol is combining the patented Turbulator with patent pending antimicrobial liner protection to deliver Clean Water Technology in every tank.