Winterizing A GA Well

We are experiencing increasingly extreme cold in Northeast Georgia. Many people are asking how to prepare their well to prevent your well from freezing.

First of all, a well is typically drilled or bored very deep and does not freeze because of its depth below ground. Even in shallow wells, the water level is below the frost line. Water from a well typically maintains about 60 degrees.  A properly installed water supply pipe from the well to the house should be buried below the frost line. The pipes in the crawl space of a house are not as deep, they need to be protected by closing the vents.

Prepare your water sources and pipes

Basic Prep:

  1. Close vents in the crawl space. 
  2. Cover any exposed pipes.
  3. Remove any hoses or attachments. 

Pump House Preparation:

A well insulated well house will keep your water flowing.  In extreme low temps let a small heater run in the well house.  Be sure not to overload the electricity in your well house, if you are uncertain if it can hold the load run a drop cord to the well house. If possible keep a check on things in the well house throughout the extreme weather and be sure to control for any fire hazards.

Outside Well Pump Preparation:

If you have an outside well pump it needs a Pitless Adapter to protect the well from freeze and contamination.  If it’s too close to the freeze to get a Pitless installed, cover and insulate the well as best you can.  Get a Pitless as soon as you can.   A Pitless Adapter mounts to the side of the well and it has a slip joint that connect to the pipe going into the well that slide down into the Pitless to make a seal.   Then a watertight cap is installed on top of the well.  Doing it this way there is nothing at the well head that needs insulating or that can freeze because everything is below ground level and protected.

Hand Pumps:

You have already prepared for sever conditions.  Be sure any exposed pipes are covered.  Remove any attachments and hoses from your hand pump and any other faucet.  Even a frost free hose that can’t get air flow will freeze.

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