PH Control

When North Georgia well water pH is too low it can cause damage to your homes plumbing and appliances by eating away at the metal components. It can also cause lead and copper to be leached out of your homes plumbing. When consumed at high enough levels this can become a health issue. If you know your home is plumbed with copper pipes you should have the pH of your water sampled. This is especially important if your home is more than 20 years old as some older homes may have been plumbed using lead solder.

The ideal pH range is between 6.5 and 8.5.

PH Control American Water Specialties

If your North Georgia well water pH is low it can be easily corrected using a neutralizing filter. This filter uses a sacrificial media consisting of a calcium-magnesium blend that is dissolved into the water as it flows through the filter vessel. As the water dissolves these minerals, the pH increases. New media will have to be added to the filter tank periodically as it is used up, about 1 to 2 times a year. American Water Services can come out annually to service the neutralizing filter and to add media to the tank. This media will increase the hardness of the water slightly but in most cases this is not a problem. Most of the time water with a low pH will have a low hardness level as well and the amount added is not enough to create a problem. However, if the water has a significant amount of hardness prior to treating for the low pH, a water softener may need to be installed after the neutralizing filter.

Another option for correcting low North Georgia well water pH problems is to install a chemical feed system to inject chemicals in the water. Usually soda ash or caustic soda is mixed with water and injected using a chemical feed pump to raise the pH. In some cases a phosphate may be added to form a coating on the interior of the pipes. This coating prevents lead and copper from leaching out of the pipes and helps prevent scale buildup inside the pipes. American Water Services can test your water and find the best solution for your particular water characteristic.