Microbiological Treatment

There are a number of Microbiological Treatment options for treating the contamination of microbes in water for North Georgia. American Water Services can see you through to clean water. If you are using water from a drilled well and have a positive bacteria sample you may not necessarily need a treatment system. The bacteria may have been introduced during a pump or waterline repair. It may also be from sanitary issues around the wellhead. Wells should be sealed from contamination and have a concrete slab around them to help prevent surface water contamination. If you get a positive sample you should check for sanitary issues (especially if the test showed fecal bacteria) and then shock treat the well with a chlorine sanitizing kit which we keep in stock.

After the water has been shocked treated for 24 to 48 hours the chlorine should be flushed from the well and a new bacteria sample taken for analysis. If this sample is negative we recommend taking an additional sample in a few months to make sure the bacteria have not returned. If there are still microbes in water samples, an additional shock treatment should be done and the chlorine should be left in the water for a longer period of time and then be retested. In some cases where turbidity is high from iron, manganese, or other minerals the good system may need cleaning or certain parts replaced. Bacteria can form inside the mineral buildup which prevents the chlorine contact needed to properly disinfect.

If you are using a bored well, spring, or any other type of surface water some form of disinfection system is recommended. Surface waters have a high likelihood of contamination from storm runoff and heavy rains soaking into the ground. The systems should be filtered to remove any turbidity as bacteria can build up inside the minerals and prevent proper disinfection. Once filtered the water should be treated with ozone, UV light, or chlorination to kill any bacteria.

The type of system needed will vary depending on the amount of water that will be treated and the type of minerals that are dissolved in the water. Contact American Water Services for water analysis and consultation as to which system is best for you.