Inspections and Consulting


Are you sure your water system is safe and reliable?

Are you buying a new home and want to make sure the well and water system are in good condition and safe?

Water Filtration Business in North Georgia

American Water Services is a water filtration business in North Georgia that can inspect your water system and provide you with a report on the condition of the water system. The inspections include things such as checking wear on electrical contacts/devices, checking for proper air pressure in tanks, checking water filters to be sure they are operating properly, and looking for any sanitary issues that should be addressed. We can also perform a wide range of water tests. At a minimum we recommend performing an annual nitrate and bacteria test on the water. However, you may want to test for things such as iron/manganese, lead/copper/low pH, and hardness since these minerals and conditions can damage or stain water fixtures in your home. Once the inspection has been completed the water system owner will be given a list of any issues or problems we find and the cost to repair them. As a water filtration business in North Georgia our trucks are well stocked with part so in most cases we can make the needed repairs when they are found during the inspection and save you an additional service call to have a plumber or pump company come out to make the repairs.


Are you looking to build a new restaurant, campground, subdivision, or some other type of development in an area that does not have city or county water service?

Have you been notified by the Georgia EPD that your water system is out of compliance or needing some upgrades?

American Water Services can assist you with either scenario. Our water filtration business in North Georgia has years of experience in installing and upgrading public water systems. Getting a system permitted and then meeting the requirements of the permit can be a cumbersome burden if you are not familiar with all the rules and regulations. Our staff has years of experience in installing, upgrading, and operating public water systems and can help you with any issue you may have. In Georgia, public water systems are regulated by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GA EPD). Through the years we have developed a great working relationship with people from many divisions and branches of the GA EPD. Having these contacts along with the experience we have acquired while working with these officials allows us to makes sure the appropriate approvals are obtained and documentation is properly submitted ensuring a water system is installed and operated based on the state rules and regulations.