Water Treatment Services and Filtration in North Georgia

American Water Services can help you with any of your filter needs from sales, service, or installation. We understand that everybody’s water is slightly different and that the water system setups and applications are different. Many customers also like water to have a certain taste and feel. That is why we custom design each filter system.

We talk with each customer about the type of problems or concerns they are having with the water and have our lab test the water for basic minerals and any other contaminants that might cause the problem the customer is describing. Once we get the water testing lab results, a system is designed and quoted. We have outlined some of the most common filter applications on this website but there are numerous additional options available to meet each customer’s specific need.

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Water Systems


American Water Services can provide many Water Treatment Services in North Georgia necessary to manage any size water system from the ground up. We have installed numerous water systems ranging from 3 service connections to systems with well over 150 service connections. We have also taken many older water systems and made significant upgrades to make them safer and more reliable. We work very closely with developers, builders, homeowners associations, and homeowners to make sure that all needs are met while making sure the waters system meets all regulatory standards.


American Water Services operates numerous commercial water filtration systems for campgrounds, cabins, daycares, restaurants, and various other developments in addition to the community water systems we own. Many of the businesses and homeowners associations do not want to be in the water business nor do they want to deal with all the different problems that can arise from water system maintenance and operation. In many of these cases we have worked out agreements with these homeowners associations to take over ownership of their water system. We also contract with various associations or companies to handle all regulatory requirements such as maintaining records, water testing, and water treatment services in North Georgia. We refill and adjust chemicals used in the water treatment systems as well as monitoring power and water meter readings for any signs that something is starting to go wrong with the water system. In many cases we can find a problem and get it fixed before an unexpected water outage occurs. Our water operators are well trained and licensed as certified water pperators throughout the state of Georgia.


American Water Services can provide any water system maintenance needed. In addition to having state licensed water operators our staff includes state licensed pump installers, licensed electricians, a licensed backflow tester, a licensed water lab analyst and a licensed engineer (EIT). Our staff can help you diagnose and repair any problem you may be having with your water system. We also provide water system inspections and routine maintenance to ensure the systems are safe and operating properly. The inspections include things such as checking wear on electrical contacts/devices, maintaining the proper air pressure in tanks, checking water filters and chlorine pumps to be sure they are operating properly, and looking for any sanitary issues that should be addressed. The water system owner will be given a list of any issues or problems we find and the cost to repair them. Our trucks are well stocked with part so in most cases we can make the needed repairs as they are found during the inspection. Large maintenance and repair jobs are contracted to our partner company Freeman Electrical and Pump Service, Inc as they have all the machinery and equipment needed as well as additional manpower to get the work completed in a timely manner. Freeman Electrical and Pump Service and American Water Services are both operated out of the same location and are both owned by Larry Freeman. The two companies work hand in hand to make sure all work is completed in a timely and professional manner.

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Water Testing

American Water Services has its own in-house lab that is operated by a state certified water lab analyst. The most common water tests we perform are listed below. Please contact us if you need your water tested for something other than what we have listed. We have the capability of testing more than 90 parameters in addition to microbiological testing. If you prefer we can come to your home, inspect the water system, and take the water samples needed for analysis. You can also drop off or ship water samples to us for testing. Please contact us ahead of time so we can get you the proper bottles and instructions for taking the sample.

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Backflow Prevention Testing

Proper backflow prevention systems are extremely important in making sure water supplies are not contaminated. Thousands of toxic substances are used in homes, businesses, and industry. These substances along with water borne diseases have the potential to create a disaster if allowed to enter a public water system. Public water systems are required by state and federal law to implement a backflow program to prevent this from happening. As part of that law all non-residential customers are required to install some form of testable backflow device on every connection to a public water system.

The type of device to be installed depends on the degree of hazard the water customer poses to the water system. The water supplier will decide what type of device is needed for each type of connection and will have certain criteria for installing the device. After installation and then at least once a year after that the device must be tested to make sure it is working properly by a licensed tester.

American Water Services, Inc provides backflow testing and repair. We have a state licensed tester and are an approved tester for a number of public water systems throughout North Georgia. We would appreciate the opportunity to give you a quote on performing your backflow tests. If you do not see us on the approved testing list for your community or city it just means we have not tested in that area before. Please contact us and let us know you are interested and we will get added to that approved list and give you a quote.

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